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2 and 7 and half a dozen of the other

Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7 have been released properly this week and I’m on board. This isn’t a review of either of these two new browsers, reviews and opinions can be found elsewhere. If you want to really sit on the fence between the two, how about Auntie’s “opinion”. I’m on a mac, and Safari suits my everyday needs the best. I use Firefox for designing purposes, so the feature sets of the PC versions of IE7 and Firefox 2 are not for me to really comment on.

However, I’m keen to make my sites work fine on these two new browsers, and so far so good*. I’ve always kept my IE6 hacks to a minimum for my sites only used them in desperation and always put them in their own style sheet with the * hack. This site needed nothing updating, which is great.

Previously, the Deluxe side of my site had it’s styles hidden from Internet Explorer, but this has now changed and I’ve bashed the box model around and changed the padding values to get everything just so. I’m experimenting with Expression Engine’s photo gallery, and this has caused more layout options to be tested. I’m using transparent PNGs in there, and I’m not going to support IE6 just for this, because Andy Clarke told me that we should be encouraging everyone to ditch IE6, and we can design better sites without wasting our time on it. Well, thats how I understood him earlier in the year at @media2006.

All my sites currently in development will be compatible with these updates, and I hope to exploit some more fancy techniques in the coming months.

Parallels. Fantastic!

*Almost… IE7!


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