Beyond deep pockets

I knew the iPhone in blighty would be expensive and it is.

The good

  • It looks like the best mobile phone - ever!
  • It looks like the best mobile phone - ever! Actually, is that difficult?
  • WIFI and web browsing. Done like this? Yes.
  • It’s not with Vodafone. The company who hadn’t worked out the term ‘customer service’ buy last Feb
  • O2. I think the coverage is OK for me after initial non-scientific tests.

The bad

  • £269 here. $399 in the US of A. At the current exchange rate*? Or have I missed something?
  • £35 a month! £35! On top of the £269. And thats just for starters
  • 18 month contract - that’s a long long time
  • No 3G, but then I’m not sure I care
  • No GPS, I think this will happen

The third way

  • OK, so you can unlock your phone and hack it to death and do you know what - can I be bothered with that? When Apple updates the software, it’ll break, more installs, crashes, swearing etc.
  • Win the lottery
  • Enter competitions

I’ll wait until the new one comes out. iPod Touch anyone?

* Surprisingly, I do have some experience here.

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Picture of Andy W

Bear in mind a significant chunk of that price difference is VAT, which isn’t down to Apple. Discount that (or claim it back via business), and the premium is a much more reasonable £29 ($58) or so.

And I’m already paying £35 a month on Orange, if you count the data charges I incur. The iPhone plan includes unlimited data and free access to The Cloud wi-fi, so will likely end up cheaper for me.

Still think they should have gone for 3G though, and opened up 3rd party software.


Posted by Andy W on Tuesday, September 18, 2007 at 15:56 GMT

Picture of Simon Clayson

Sold to Andy W!

Not sure about the 3rd party software thing. If they do that it would have to be very strictly controlled.

VAT. Now that reminds me…

Posted by Simon Clayson on Tuesday, September 18, 2007 at 16:50 GMT

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