Compressing bureaucracy experiment

The balance of producing work, and managing work is tricky. I seem to spending more and more time writing emails (and following up emails that have been tagged as spam), and following up bits and bobs in an incoherent manner via different channels. The problem is that it all gets bitty and time is lost actually doing stuff because these things are always there and always “on”. Interestingly, back in the day, the postman came quite early in the morning, you opened the post, done. Way back in the day the postman might come again at lunchtime. This was called a second post.

Lack of productivity?

It’s something we’ve talked about at Rissington HQ, and before we know it, we’ve been on the phone, written a load of emails, made hot drinks, and all of a sudden it’s 11.45am. And produced no work, the stuff that puts bread on the table. I then get replies to stuff in the afternoon and act upon them. Repeat to fade.

So, I need more head down, full-on, distraction free, creative production time and I’m going to get strict (sort of). I’m not going to go down the Carsonified or 37 Signals route to a four day week (although this is on the cards at some point), I’m just going to have some office hours. So I’m only going be available on certain days of the week at certain hours.

Already considered

Yes, we can turn off the phone, and close email, Skype, Twitter etc but everyone would like answers there and then to their questions and “urgent” requests. I’m as GTDd and Inbox-Zeroed as much as I ever will be.

Office hours for starters:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 9am - 11am.

I want to compress my bureaucracy. I want to do what I do best and enjoy it.

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