Don’t put off what you should have done 2 years ago

I’ve finally made the jump from “organising” my bookmarks in Safari to just dumping the lot online at The TO READ folder was just becoming a joke. I tried ma.gnolia, it’s great and obviously has more visual appeal than (I always think of the stylings of Craigslist!?), but what did it for me was the Jamie Oliver inspired (true) Pukka, the best way to add bookmarks and tags on a mac to - no contest. There is so much you can do with tags as well, as I’ve mentioned before.

Anyway, if you’re already subscribed to me, and you want the interesting links, then you’ll need to now subscribe to the French Disko feed, the upside of this is that you’ll get more, and more links more often as I don’t have to think about it so much (more). If you want even more just go to my page. Apart from that - carry on.

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