Fitter happier

It was definitely time for a site spring clean, and now we’re about there. Content is about the same as before, with a few tweaks here and there. I’m only an occasional poster, so I’ve retired the deluxe section and merged it with the main site. The result is a less confusing and cluttered experience.

I was happy with that layout so I’ve taken elements of it and applied them across. The last design has seen me good for two years and for now I’m keeping some elements such as basic colour schemes, and the occasional icon.

Solely missed

The popular collection of shoes have gone to Flickr. My time is better spent elsewhere than trying to make a site out of these, and although I was happy with the way it was going, Flickr just has everything you could ever want. Now all shoe locations are all up-to-date and more will surely be added.


I’ve updated my RSS feeds, the old ones still work, I don’t ask for much, but if you’d like to stay subscribed, please consider changing to one of these:


I made my vCard available a while back on here. Thanks to the power of Microformats, my contact details can just be downloaded and your set up will do the rest - so please download my vCard. I’m also on the Linked In thanks to Mark Philby, whose new two page website, I’ve just completed. Linked In looks great and I will be adding to it in the next few weeks.

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