Older memories put to work

Canon Compact Flash Card

If you’ve dabbled/been responsible for/cajoled/flirted with small office and home networks over the years then the new Apple Airport Extreme is probably the best thing since 3 points for a win. As an all in one wireless network, it’s also very good at making printers and files available to all.

The best feature is AirPort Disk as it doesn’t limit you to just one USB hard drive. The addition of a small USB 2.0 hub (like this one from Kensington) means you can have as many disks as you like. All flash memory seems to work via a card reader fine, so those stupidly small Compact Flash and SD Cards cards that came with your digital camera can actually be used as a network server. Very handy for sharing images and small files over a network without the angst of connecting to another computer. If you wanted slightly more storage, you could get one of those ludicrously cheap pen drives.

And the software is of course, a doddle.

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