Pointless? less than 5 seconds ago from the web

It’s starting to become common knowledge that Twitter is the most bizarre and probably stupid exercise in time wasting to hit the internets in ages. If normal people did this, it would be people txting, “Just had to brake suddenly on the M4 eastbound whilst nicely doing 90” and that would be illegal, stupid, and dangerous. And a waste of time.

However, I think I’ve seen the light because the much talented Mr Khoi Vinh, a man so productive I doubt he has time to sleep, launched a site for his dog. Complete with Flickr and Twitter feeds, this is, finally, a good use for Twitter. If I were a dog or even better a cat, I’d want a site like this, AND I’d want a Twitter account. If Eric and Maurice see this they’ll want one too. “Went and sat on the fence for 10 mins. Came in again…”

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