This week I have beeen mostly

It’s been quite a good week with a few interesting things cropping up on the interwebs, as a number of pages have been thrown into my TO READ bookmarks folder. One day, I’m going to go out early in the morning, hook up to a wireless network, and do nothing except organise my bookmarks. I’m too busy Getting Things Done to be worried about it though! Finally, I have put some print work into the Portfolio section.

First up, the ever enlightening 37 Signals with their take on Buzz Words. We’ve been here again and again over the years, there is no ‘solution’, because middle-management love buzz words. On the same themes of simplicity, Ross Howard at boxesandarrows has a lengthy post about Ambient Signifiers. Tokyo, it’s everywhere right now, with everything I know it seems.

More simplicity of design from the cycling trade show season, with loads of new kit around. Although the Campag 2007 kit looks just fantastic (skeleton brakes especially), all the SRAM road stuff looks to have been fine tuned for years. PezCycling News have had a bike built up for them to test the Force gruppo on. I’ve yet to read anything negative about this stuff, and the although it looks better than the Shimano stuff, the levers especially are not quite there for me.

I’m completely undecided about making the leap to a MacIntel, namely which machine. The 24-in iMac is surely the beast for me, but they don’t come cheap, especially with no refurbs yet. As a heavy Imageready user, articles such as this at Subtraction really make me dither even more. If Apple produced a Macbook that was thin and light and I could just chuck in my normal bag, I’d buy one tomorrow. And the current Macbooks? Great, but they do get hot. I’ve obviously been paying to much attention to this guide at iLounge. This Greenpeace page puts Apple in the stocks over it’s green credentials. It makes some good points. Apple is a top popular target for this sort of thing and this site was’nt put together in 5 minutes, AND I’m still scared from when that plane flew into Sizewell.

To finish a couple of nice site designs have come to my attention this week, and I’m liking this: 5thirtyone and this: Elan Snowboards and this: Authentic Jobs.

Here ends the week.


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