Too geeky

I’ve been told by Brighton dwelling friend Mr Mason that the content on here is too geeky. Which it is. So, I’m thinking about relaxing all this a bit…

These pages were only meant to contain POSITIVE entries and content. I’ve always thought that my ranting and moaning should be confined to the pub, the bus and just with people I know well. Most people who know me well usually think I’m pretty opinionated and ready to lay into the latest wet musical release from the latest wet singer-songwriter. Maybe this policy should change and I should probably take a leaf out of Mr Oxton’s pages and just be honest without the swearing, which is’nt big or clever, but it is funny of course. I need a tone-of-voice change and I need to be more me.

I’m not a great one for writing up my design conquests as there are loads of others out there who are far more eloquent than myself. Especially all that coding stuff. So. More posts, more often and more random, probably about street furniture. Positive and negative.

So I’ve also been a bit inspired by The Chap. For all the wrong reasons. Absolutely bonkers and can’t agree with hardly any of it. Thanks to Will for the link.


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