Tracklogs on the mac

Tracklogs on a Mac via Parallels

It’s true, there is just some software that just isn’t and will never be Mac compatible. I know I’ve banged on about it before but Apple switching to Intel is probably what they should have done years ago. Apart from using XP on Parallels as part of the day job, it’s also pretty good for other things. I’ve come to accept that Polar will never support the mac, they make some brilliant products, and not teaming up with Apple (a la Nike), or even supporting the mac is disappointing - and a missed opportunity.

Whilst I can’t quite understand why companies like Polar don’t support the Mac, for small specialist developers, it just isn’t an option. The boom in digital mapping in recent years is really interesting. If you like anything to do with the outdoors and have frequented your local Millets/Blacks in the past few years, as well as the Gore-tex on display, you may have noticed all the GPS units and software.

At the moment I’m not too interested GPS, I’m more interested in making routes up on OS maps. So, with a new area to explore, this all seems like pretty good value for money and in addition to lovely printed maps, the way to go. Of course nothing is Mac compatible, but that shouldn’t really be a problem anymore. I’ve tried all the ones I’ve come across on trial periods, starting with what appears to be the most popular/best marketed, Memory-Map, and I’ve also tried Anquet and Quo. They are all suffer from various states of bad usability to all being just hideous to look at. All bashed with a geeky mouse.

Rejoice! Tracklogs!

Never mind, at least one company has some sense of dignity, and that is Tracklogs. From the informative website and good service, to general ease of use of the app, this is pretty good stuff. It’s not even that bad to look at. As well as a stack of common features, most importantly the maps are very flexible in which areas you want to buy, whether Landranger or Explorer.

The print options are excellent (helped by Bonjour for Windows), and off I go on my bike, with a rough idea of where I’m going. Of course - this A4 piece of paper can fall out of your jersey pocket though on some of these longish local descents if not careful.

The latest Tracklogs version has the ability to export common .gpx files, so therefore sharing your routes with the whole world on sites like & Routes From Over 40 Countries at">Bikely.

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