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What started out as a silly response to a silly conversation at Webble Mill in the summer of 2010 has resulted in me randomly changing my Twitter avatar. Why? Well, I’m not sure, but essentially my original idea was to have me pulling faces much like a (disturbing) real life Skype style mood message. But there’s an issue with how long it takes a new avatar to roll out to numerous twitter apps, devices and other followers. It was all out of date before the day was out.


So I just reflected random missives and clichéd quotes in the avatars and for some reason it just keeps going. And going. It’s been an interesting exercise from a graphic angle and I’ve never taken it too seriously, some work and some don’t. It was a good excuse to roll out some Cooper Black sometimes, but X and Y Font Condensed had the most impact in such as small area.


Many many thanks to everyone who has commented, suggested phrases and been kind. I’m not sure where to take it next, so this overview is possibly the point where I wrap it up and I’ll continue to take my lead once again from Luke Dorny and his avatar stylings.

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As this is about Twitter, we’ll have one of these buttons you see everywhere:

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