Approach and technical

I design and build websites, systems and applications for the needs of the client and brief. Implement standards based, modular and adaptable systems with equal high standards approach to graphic design and code. Particular importance placed on CMS ease-of-use.

General technical notes:

  • Javascript implementation
  • Responsive design approach, fluid designs to reach multiple devices and screen sizes.
  • Font embedding
  • Version Control where necessary
  • Bug tracking tools where necessary
  • Framework (eg Grids) tools where necessary

Accessibility approach:

  • Semantic markup and best practice accessibility addressed as default
  • JS disabled fallback
  • Performance:
  • All JS and CSS compressed where possible.
  • Images optimised.
  • Reduce DB and file calls where possible


  • Use of appropriate CMS for site needs
  • Tailor to client needs.
  • SEO considered at all stages

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